Arkansas Concealed Carry Classes and Renewals in Jonesboro and Paragould Arkansas (Craighead and Greene County).  We also have classes in the Franklin Arkansas area (Izard County) if you are interested in these classes please just register below or you may call us at



Upcoming Gun Class Schedule :

Saturday Aug 27 from 10am-4pm

Saturday Sept 10 from 10am-4pm





Renewal Class are on class dates but are at 4:00 pm  $35.  There is no limit on number of students doing renewals so if class says full this is only referring to new students not renewals.

(no other hidden range fees etc)

Its only $20 to preregister for new students and reserve your spot, you just pay the remainder $60 with cash at the door! For renewals just pay $10 online and pay $25 cash at the door! 


You do not have to have paypal account to register, we just use it as our credit card processor, if you have QUESTIONS PLEASE CALL.

New License Class times are located above by the date of class

Costs are all inclusive without hidden range fees etc AND we fingerprint you (no one else does this):

$90 at the door (only Cash accepted at the door)

$80 for one person (preregistered) 


Renewal Class 4:00pm  

One Person $35 (prices include range fees)

Getting a new license only costs about $28/year and renewals only cost $12 a year to keep! There is lots of confusion on the law.  Get your license and carry in 40 states and not worry about all the confusion.  Take the class to learn the self-defense laws and tactics to protect your family, this is one class you don't want to go cheap on! 

Classes during summer will be about 1 month apart due to low demand.  We will try to have renewals however about every two weeks or so.  Call for details! 870-761-9961

Classes start at 10 am (please arrive atleast by 9:45) Renewals are at 4:00 (please do NOT show up early for renewals due to parking lot space) and take about 15-30 minutes.

We have some awesome new gun shirts available for $20 at the class, Support guns and our range by wearing these cool shirts, we only accept cash on these so bring an extra $20 or two, available from Adult small to 2xl!

You DO NOT have to have a gun to take this class.  We recommend bringing a semi-automatic to class.   If you don't own a gun please wait til after the class so we can educate you on what NOT to buy.  We do not sell guns here or ammo so we will give you unbias advice.  We rent guns for only $20 and that includes ammo! Please make sure to prepay for that in the options as well when you preregister!


141 Shooting Range and Logan Lee's main goal is education.  We offer the Arkansas concealed handgun permit classes in Jonesboro and Paragould AR.  We also teach the class in Franklin Arkansas in Izard county on occasion.  After you take this very informative class and receive your permit you may legally carry your handgun in Arkansas and in over 40 States.  Arkansas Concealed Carry Classes are taught here at 141 Shooting Range and last about 5-6 hours.  Click on the link above for more details. This class will teach you professional training tips, how to choose the right weapon, ammunition, self-defense, legal issues, and combative techniques, and more! What is your life worth? Your wife's life? Your child's life? Get thousands of dollars worth of training, information that took hours to learn, and hours of practice all in one class for only $80.... preregister online and save even more! I personally guarantee you will not find a more informative class than what we offer for $80! Learn from the self-defense experts, sign up today! Click on the Arkansas Concealed Carry Link above to get more detailed information!

Classes Taught by Logan Lee

*NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

*NRA Chief Range Safety Officer Certification

*Arkansas State Police Concealed Handgun Instructor #06-475

*Self-defense Instructor (owner of Lee's Karate Inc.) for over 20 years

*6th degree Black Belt

*NRA Member, recruiter, and affiliated club

*Arkansas Game and Fish Hunter Education Certified Instructor

*Member of Arkansas Concealed Carry Association