Active Shooter Preparedness and Response Strategies Certification available for schools, daycares, businesses, churches, and hospitals.

Why us? We don't just tell you what to do, we come to you onsite and have a hands on component as well as a cognitive component that can be done in person or with our blended online learning program designed by Dave Young with ARMA Training and Vistelar. We will show you and your staff how to do everything we show you.

Does your staff know what to do if an active shooter comes on the property? Do you have a policy in place on how to respond to such an attack? We teach you everything from the 1st Time clock of when the attacker gets on the property to the final time clock of when the police neutralize the situation and emergency medical teams are taking care of the wounded. We show weapon disarms at the door, weapon disarms in the open, how to escape windows, barricade doors, immediate aid of injured persons, and a lot more.

Certification is good for 2 years and covers your facility in case an expert witness is needed during that period.

Course Description

  • Getting Started

  • Introduction & Goals — importance of remaining alert, being decisive, having a pre-planned practiced response

  • Identify, Log, Report — how to maintain a vigilant awareness of student behavior

  • Safety Plan — how develop a school and classroom plan for dealing with an active shooter; how to conduct school safety walks

  • Prepare — how to develop your tactical leadership skills; the basics of tactical emergency first aid

  • Escape — your first and best option; how to identify the best escape routes; managing movement

  • Barricade — your second option; how to prevent the shooter from entering your location

  • Defend — your third option; how to use weapons of opportunity, disarm the shooter or directly engage a shooter

  • Stages — what to do at each of the seven stages on an active shooter incident; how to work with local law enforcement

  • Conclusion — bringing it all together


  • here is just some of what students will learn in this course:

  • Profiles and common traits of the active shooter

  • Conducting a threat assessment

  • How to develop a school/classroom safety plan

  • Understanding the role of the leader in a crisis

  • How to use hand and and sound signals

  • Identifying possible escape routes

  • How to barricade a location

  • Selecting and using weapons of opportunity

  • How to move groups of students to a secure location

  • Basics of tactical emergency first aid

  • How to work with local law enforcement

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