Course Description

  • Getting Started
  • Introduction & Goals — importance of remaining alert, being decisive, having a pre-planned practiced response
  • Identify, Log, Report — how to maintain a vigilant awareness of student behavior
  • Safety Plan — how develop a school and classroom plan for dealing with an active shooter; how to conduct school safety walks
  • Prepare — how to develop your tactical leadership skills; the basics of tactical emergency first aid
  • Escape — your first and best option; how to identify the best escape routes; managing movement
  • Barricade — your second option; how to prevent the shooter from entering your location
  • Defend — your third option; how to use weapons of opportunity, disarm the shooter or directly engage a shooter
  • Stages — what to do at each of the seven stages on an active shooter incident; how to work with local law enforcement
  • Conclusion — bringing it all together


  • here is just some of what students will learn in this course:

  • Profiles and common traits of the active shooter
  • Conducting a threat assessment
  • How to develop a school/classroom safety plan
  • Understanding the role of the leader in a crisis
  • How to use hand and and sound signals
  • Identifying possible escape routes
  • How to barricade a location
  • Selecting and using weapons of opportunity
  • How to move groups of students to a secure location
  • Basics of tactical emergency first aid
  • How to work with local law enforcement

45 minutes workshops (1-50 people): This is free to provide awareness to the issue!

90 minute Seminars (1-50 people): 

90 minute Basic Course with on-line Prework meaning on line course and workbook (30 people):  Call for pricing

4 hours Basic Class - (1-30 people) without on line course just a workbook

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