basic firearm marksmanship course



The Basic Marksmanshp Course was developed by Arma Training to ensure anyone who has successfully obtained a concealed carry permit and educated and trained as a "Responsible Firearm Owner", RFO, to safely handle and operate the firearm they are carrying.  This course is designed to teach the basics of marksmanshp not covered when receiving a concealed carry permit.  We understand that drawing, moving and firearm handling is a critical part of marksmanship.  We will address the 7 fundamentals of markasmanshp including but not limited to, stance, grip, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, breathing, follow up, word choice selection and phrasing when justifying and explaining the application of deadly force.  This course was develped by field proven tactics and is designed to save your life!

Equipment Needed:

Firearm you carry.  Recommend attire ranging from casual clothes to tactical pants and comfortable shirts to simulate everyday wear, closed toes and laced footwear (running shoes, hiking, or tactical boots) for range tactics and instruction.  Raingear, jackets, and gloves suitable for climate conditions and personal gear consisting of duty belt with holsters, atleast 3 magazines per weapon, personal protective equipment such as eyes safety goggles, baseball hat, towel, soft and hard ear protection.  Atleast 50 rounds of factory ammunition (no reloads allowed)

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