Basic Firearm Safety Course

Eventbrite - Basic Firearm Safety Workshop

It all starts here…

Have you ever had a handgun class?  If not we suggest starting here.  This is the nuts and bolts of our classes here and will be the basis for our ccw and enhanced ccw portion at the beginning.  This Basic Course was develeped by Arma Training to ensure everyone who comes directly, or indirectly, into contac has the basic education, skills, and abilities to be safe when a firearm is present.  There is "No such thing as an accidental discharge." Understanding the basic principles of Firearm Safety is imperative whether you own a firearm or not.  Even if you dislike them, the chances of you or your children coming into contact with a firearm is more common then you may think.  In this Arma Training's Firearm's Safety Course, we will address how to identify various types of weapons ranging from small caliber revolvers through large caliber semi-automatics that are hammer or striker fired.  

You will walk away with a basic understanding of the 4 Basic Firearm Safety Rules, cover and concealement considerations, inspecting, handeling and basic operation of firearms.  To include, but not limited to, unloading, loading, rendering a firearm clear and safe, cleaning, ammuniton, where to stand ina  room when a firearm is present, cleaning, storage and immediate aid for a gunshot wound, and so much more.

Take this class first and only pay $49 to take our Arkansas Concealed Carry Course!

Eventbrite - Basic Firearm Safety Workshop
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