Arkansas Basic Concealed Carry Class

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Come take our CCW class and see why we have been the leader of gun instruction in Northeast Arkansas for Concealed Carry for over a decade.  With over 6,600 likes on our facebook page, checkout our page and read all of our reviews about our anything but ordinary gun class!   Sure there are places that are cheaper, but when it comes to self-defense, cheaper gets you seriously injured or dead.  The extra few dollars will be well spent knowing you have the best class around to protect you and your family AND if one or two things that we teach keep you from nasty civil and criminal court issues due to protecting yourself consider it insurance!   Mr. Lee constantly trains (expensive training) all over the country to bring the best of the best back to our corner of Northeast Arkansas.  Mr. Lee is not just a gun instructor, he is a self-defense expert with 2 full time self-defense schools and has taught thousands over the last 20 years.  We offer onsite training in our classroom nestled on beautiful Crowleys Ridge by Lake Frierson (see directions page) and safe "live" fire time at the range at the end of the class to put together what you have learned, this range was specifically designed for just CCW classes.  If you cannot make those days you can also take our ONLINE training course and train at the convenience of your home 24/7 for the instruction part.  Enhanced Concealed Carry Classes will be offered here as soon as the guidelines are released in Jan 2018.