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Before I totaly confuse you please understand that in January 2018, a lot of changes has happened, you may now do the enhanced training in lieu of renewal training, please read the bottom of this page if you are interested in obtaining your enhanced carry license here and saving $40 by just doing our enhanced training! After you register for our renewal class we will send you confirmation email at the bottom of that confirmation email is some links you need to finalize before coming to class.

If you are Not expired

To renew you must come re-qualify the "live" fire and go over changes in the law in the last 5 years.  This is a simple and short process here at 141 Shooting Range.  Take a country drive out here, and we do the rest after you shoot (please see Live Fire page).  You may go to Arkansas State Police website and renew first and then come here and get your certificate of training and we can make sure you do your paperwork correctly.  You may not renew before 90 days of expiration, however our re-certification is good for 6 months and you may do the shooting part before the 90 days if you wish.  Our fee on this including range fees is only $40  Click here to Renew with State Police after you Preregister with us below, we will contact you to confirm your spot in our class.  Renewals take about an hour.  If you are on your phone click on the 3 lines at the upper right for what to bring, and directions to the range!

expired license

If you are expired more than 6 months you must retake the whole class as a new student.  However if you are less than 6 months expired you must pay a $15 late fee.  Follow the directions above for non expired and just pay the Arkansas State Police an extra $15 when you apply.  This late fee does not come to us.  Our fee on this including range fees is only $40.

Rule 13.1 Training requirements upon renewal of license

(a) The required training as established by the Department for renewal shall be completed at any time within six (6) months prior to the expiration of the license until six (6) months after expiration. Timely renewal is determined by the Department’s receipt date of the completed renewal application packet.

(b) The applicant must successfully demonstrate proficiency with the use of a handgun on the firing range by “live-fire.” Renewal training may also address updates and changes in the concealed handgun carry licensing laws and Rules.

(c) An applicant who desires to obtain an enhanced license upon renewal may substitute an enhanced training certificate for the renewal training requirement.


On-line Renewal = $50.00
(Includes application and background check fee.)

On-line Late Renewal (expired less than six months) = $63.25
(Includes application and background check fee, and late fee of $15.00.)