141 Shooting Range Directions

Please print directions DO NOT rely on Gps!

Do Not Go Off GPS

We only do concealed carry classes, tactical pistol, and renewal classes.  Please leave a message and someone will call you back asap.

Email 141 Shooting Range

Range Physical Address: 2879 Craighead 323 Road

Do NOT rely on your GPS!

Bring eye and hearing protection!!

We are located just off HWY 141 (Main St).  If you are coming from Jonesboro, you want to go to the intersection of Main St. and Johnson Ave.  Go north on Main (also called hwy 141) about 8 miles from the intersection past Miller Farms.  You will go to the top of the hill with 141 Grocery store (old gas station) (no longer open) on the left and North Hills golf course on the right (John Deere colored sign).  You will make a left by the store onto CR 336.  Go down about a mile and when you get to the T make a right CR 323.  You will be slowly going uphill go about 3/4 of a mile and as you start going downhill on the left you will see a dugout area (hard to see when the trees are out) that is 141 Shooting Range, you will also see yellow signs that says Firearms in use and you should see a blue sign that says 2879.  You will also see 4 or 5 mailboxes on the side of the road together. Make a left onto the driveway and go through the double gray gates.  Do not come too early, we generally get there around 9:30am.  

range parking lot.jpg

Please park very tight and close to each other to get everyone in, please look at the parking layout and follow accordingly, failing to do so will bottleneck everyone in and make it hard to leave.  Look at above picture, as an example. Basic and Enhance class please park on left side, and if you are doing the Basic only please park on right so we can get you out easily. Please back into your space or turn around before getting to the gate when leaving, backing straight out has gotten a few people in a pickle....

Do NOT park outside the gate area everyone must park inside our property (I have an anti-range neighbor you may meet otherwise :) 

PLEASE DO NOT BRING LOADED FIREARMS or AMMUNITION TO THE CLASSROOM PORTION you will be directed to bring it in at the appropriate time, keep ammunition locked safely in your vehicle. Only thing you need to bring in is your paperwork from the prework. Thank you!

CR 336 is located 1 mile south of Lake Frierson and about a 1/2 mile south of CR 780.

CR 336 is 3 miles south of where HWY 358 meets HWY 141