Enhanced Carry Coming Soon!

Enhanced Carry License, ECL, will be available soon here at 141 Training Range


In order to get an Enhanced Carry License (ECL), which will appear as an annotation on a concealed carry license, the gun owner must complete up to an eight hour training course put together by the Arkansas State Police.

"They'll be two licenses," said Representative Charlie Collins of Fayetteville. "The basic license and this enhanced license."

ASP has up to 120 days after the law goes into effect, to create that training course making it possible that it may take as long as January of 2018 for guns to actually be allowed on campus.

Collins says the course will be focused on what to do in an active shooter situation.

"If you think about an active shooter situation," said Collins. "That is really not covered in deep training for the traditional CCL license. That license training is really more about the law, where you're allowed to carry where you're not. Yes, there is some shooting, but it really doesn't talk as much about how one might behave in those situations."

With an ECL you can carry on campus as well as public buildings, bars, and airports. You still can't carry in K-12 and pre-K schools, daycares, prisons or courtrooms. Another prohibition is fire-sensitive areas, college sporting events fall into this category.

Universities who wish to prohibit ECL carriers from entering their sporting events must submit their own security plans to ASP.

"If the Arkansas State Police approve that plan," said Collins. "Then they can have the authority, as a collegiate athletic event to prevent concealed carry, even for those who have the enhanced permit."

This was according to a story by KHBS / KHOG