Enhanced Carry is Here!

*New development you can take your basic and enhanced training together now!  Just pay for our combination class and have no extra fees from the state and get the basic and enhanced license together in one day for the same price and same time frame as the enhanced!*

Enhanced Carry License, E-CHCL, is available now here at 141 Shooting Range Inc..  This is an 8 hour class with 6 hours of class time and 2 hours on the range.   However the state just passed a revision that lets you waive up to 4 hours of this training time if you received a concealed carry within the last 10 years.  So if had your initial ccw training within the last 10 years you can come at 2pm to 6pm on class dates.   We will teach speed reloads, emergency reloads, movement with a weapon, draw techniques, draw malfunctions, laws for enhanced carry, self-defense law, immediate first aid if shot or injured, and a lot more! Come to our class and get what everyone else is missing.  Its not just about carrying into more places, its about learning self-defense tactics that is documentable training that can protect you in your physical environment and in the court environment.  State fees is only $15 and you dont have to renew the enhanced part ever again!  If you are doing the enhanced class to replace the renewal training there is no fee from the state for the enhancement just your normal $60 to renew.

Eventbrite - Basic and Enhanced Concealed Carry Class

Students must bring:

Black Pen, Eye (wrap around) and hearing protection (hard and soft hearing protections recommended), weapon, 4 magazines, minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition (if you do not have a gun or 4 magazines you may use my 9mm, you must purchase the ammo for this weapon for the qualifiying part, please buy brass 9mm fml), baseball cap, clothing suitable for outdoor training, knee pads if you need them, holster, gun belt, and boots.  Ticket Receipt and remainder of fees if applicable.

After you signup on our appointment page you will get an email confirming your time and spot, there are directions at the bottom on how to do our prework (online course) to get a refresher and to get the necessary paperwork.




Once an applicant or licensee has completed this enhanced training course and passed the live-fire qualification requirement, he or she will receive an Enhanced Concealed Handgun Carry License (E-CHCL). Possession of a valid E-CHCL enables the holder to possess and carry a concealed handgun in the following locations:

  • Publicly owned buildings and facilities

  • State Capitol grounds and the State Capitol Building

  • Any meeting place of the governing body of any governmental entity

  • Any meeting place of the General Assembly or a committee of the General Assembly

  • Any state office

  • Athletic events

  • A portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises

  • A portion of an establishment where beer or light wine is consumed on the premises

  • Inside the passenger terminal of an airport

  • Any church or other place of worship

  • Any place where a parade or demonstration requiring a permit is being held, even when the licensee is a participant in the parade or demonstration.

  • The buildings and grounds of a public university, college, or community college.

Rule 13.1 Training requirements upon renewal of license

(a) The required training as established by the Department for renewal shall be completed at any time within six (6) months prior to the expiration of the license until six (6) months after expiration. Timely renewal is determined by the Department’s receipt date of the completed renewal application packet.

(b) The applicant must successfully demonstrate proficiency with the use of a handgun on the firing range by “live-fire.” Renewal training may also address updates and changes in the concealed handgun carry licensing laws and Rules.

(c) An applicant who desires to obtain an enhanced license upon renewal may substitute an enhanced training certificate for the renewal training requirement.

Eventbrite - Basic and Enhanced Concealed Carry Class