Arkansas Concealed Handgun Permit Information:

Do you need an Arkansas Concealed Handgun License? Are you a law abiding citizen who for years has carried a handgun for defense? If you are and you continue to carry a handgun without obtaining an Arkansas Concealed Handgun License, you are violating the Law, and the State of Arkansas will treat you as a criminal. The Arkansas General Assembly has provided citizens with an opportunity to be legal and law abiding by obtaining an Arkansas Concealed Handgun License. You must attend training and apply for your license before it will be issued. 

Mr. Lee will be teaching a concealed handgun class as often as demand requires. Classes are forming now, there is a minimum of 5 per class, so please preregister now to get a class going!

Concealed Handgun Permit class is $90.00. Get 5 or more together and your group will only pay $75 per person!  If you have a group you may have to register a few times to get everyone in, just write what group they are with when they register.  Group Rates and discounts are available and we will travel!  Call for your price today!  Renewals are $35.

If you qualify with a revolver you may only get a permit for a revolver, if you qualify with a semi-auto you can carry either a revolver or a semi-auto.  You DO NOT have to have a gun to take this class.  We recommend bringing a semi-automatic to class.   If you don't own a gun please wait til after the class so we can educate you on what NOT to buy.  We do not sell guns here or ammo so we will give you unbiased advice.  We rent guns for only $20 and that includes ammo! 

Price includes certification class, range fees, and all forms.

LICENSE FEES paid to Arkansas State Police

NEW LICENSE:  There is a license fee that has to be paid to the Arkansas State Police when you turn in your application.  You must do this within six months of this certificaton class in order to receive the license (covers back ground checks, fingerprint fees, license fees etc).

New License (age 64 or younger) = $142.11
(Includes on-line application and background check fee.)

New License (age 65 or older) = $90.61
(Includes on-line application and background check fee.)

We do not collect this fee and is not required at the time of the class.   

Arkansas CCw RENEWAL LICENSE fees:      

On-line Renewal = $62.80
(Includes application and background check fee.)

On-line Late Renewal (expired less than six months) = $78.25
(Includes application and background check fee, and late fee of $15.00.)

This is not due on the date of the class and is paid to Arkansas State Police.