Get a Concealed Carry Course good in over 27+ States and protect yourself legally with it in Arkansas


Need a more convenient way to get a permit?

Take control of your family’s safety today and get certified. Our online training program is easy to understand and it can be taken as little or as much at a time that you want to invest 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is the next best thing to being here. Gain instant access to our training videos, presentations, diagrams, and more.  We even include Arkansas laws in this so you get the same information as a normal class....its cheaper and easier than an Arkansas license.  Complete the course and mail your certificate of completion to our range to the Virginia State Police as addressed at the end of the course.  This Virginia class allows you to get a license without live fire and is good in Arkansas and over half the united states regardless of what state you live in!  I guarantee you this is what you need or Ill give you a free Arkansas onsite class if you would rather have that afterwards if you aren't completely satisfied.  This is great for people who are disabled, always on call, work every weekend, have to watch children, this is also a great addon for people wanting more training!