Jonesboro and Paragould Arkansas Concealed Carry Courses, Enhanced Concealed Carry, and Active Shooter Courses!

141 Training Range  offers traditional onsite Arkansas Concealed Carry courses and ONLINE Concealed carry course, CCW and active shooter scenario classes.  Why come here?  Mr. Lee is a self-defense expert who travels cross country multiple times a year to train with experts.  Mr. Lee teaches martial arts to hundreds of families on a weekly basis for the last 20 years as owner of Lee's Karate Inc and has taught concealed carry here for over 12 years. 

If you must use force on someone in self-defense you will need an expert trained in giving instruction, proper certification procedure, court testimony, and depositions in your corner.  If you take our course you get exactly that.  Our classes are designed to protect you physically in a confrontation but also in court to avoid unnecessary legal fees, stress, and drama.  Signup now and come to the only NRA certified range around used exclusively for concealed carry classes with Nea's Self-defense expert.   There is awesome information located below, keep scrolling down.


Concealed handgun training

Come see why we have taught this class for over 12 years here in Northeast Arkansas.  These classes are held on Saturdays or Sundays.  Basic Concealed Carry, Enhanced Concealed Carry, and Active Shooter Classes.


Active Shooter

We offer Active Shooter Training for Schools, Churches, Day cares, Businesses, and more!

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online 24/7 training

Don't have weekends free, want to train in the the convenience of your home, or maybe cant sit 6 hours straight through a class.  This is the perfect option for you.




Church Security

Need help getting started with a security team or need the training?  We can travel to you and help facilitate that!


CCW Renewals

Don't let your license expire!  We can re-certify you up to a year before you expire. Just come shoot and go over changes in the law in the last 5 years. 

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Onsite in person Concealed Carry Training!

Come take our CCW class and see why we have been the leader of gun instruction in Northeast Arkansas for Concealed Carry for over a decade.  With over 6,600 likes on our facebook page, checkout our page and read all of our reviews about our anything but ordinary gun class!   Sure there are places that are cheaper, but when it comes to self-defense, cheaper gets you seriously injured or dead.  The extra few dollars will be well spent knowing you have the best class around to protect you and your family AND if one or two things that we teach keep you from nasty civil and criminal court issues due to protecting yourself consider it insurance!   Mr. Lee constantly trains (expensive training) all over the country to bring the best of the best back to our corner of Northeast Arkansas.  Mr. Lee is not just a gun instructor, he is a self-defense expert with 2 full time self-defense schools and has taught thousands over the last 20 years.  We offer onsite training in our classroom nestled on beautiful Crowleys Ridge by Lake Frierson (see directions page) and safe "live" fire time at the range at the end of the class to put together what you have learned, this range was specifically designed for just CCW classes.  If you cannot make those days you can also take our ONLINE training course and train at the convenience of your home 24/7 for the instruction part.  Enhanced Concealed Carry Classes will be offered here as soon as the guidelines are released in Jan 2018.

If you are on your phone cick on the 3 lines at the upper right for what to bring, and directions to the range!

We charge $80 for the class and just require you to signup above and we will contact you to confirm you are registered.  This includes all range fees and certifications fees that we collect.  We will also serve hot dogs and chips and drink for lunch.  If you are on your phone click on the 3 lines at the upper right for more class dates, what to bring, and directions to the range!

There is a license fee that has to be paid to the Arkansas State Police when you turn in your application.  You must do this within six months of this certificaton class in order to receive the license (covers back ground checks, fingerprint fees, license fees etc) of around $140 for a 5 year license. 

We do not collect this fee and is not required at the time of the class.     


To renew you must come re-qualify the "live" fire and go over changes in the law in the last 5 years.  This is a simple and short process here at 141 Training Range.  Take a country drive out here, and we do the rest after you shoot (please see Live Fire page).  You may go to Arkansas State Police website and renew first and then come here and get your certificate of training and we can make sure you do your paperwork correctly.  You may not renew before 90 days of expiration, however our re-certification is good for one year and you may do the shooting part before the 90 days if you wish.  Our fee on this including range fees is only $35*  Click here to Renew with State Police after you Preregister with us below, we will contact you to confirm your spot in our class.  Renewals take about 30 minutes  If you are on your phone click on the 3 lines at the upper right for more class dates, what to bring, and directions to the range!


The Arkansas State Police charges $60 for a 5 year license and is not paid to us on date of class but paid directly to them.

renewals are done on class dates listed above and below

If you are on your phone cick on the 3 lines at the upper right for more class dates, what to bring, and directions to the range!


If you are expired more than 6 months you must retake the whole class as a new student.  However if you are less than 6 months expired you must pay a $15 late fee.  Follow the directions above for non expired and just pay the Arkansas State Police an extra $15 when you apply.  This late fee does not come to us.  Our fee on this including range fees is only $35*.

Online Concealed Carry Course

Take control of your family’s safety today and get certified. Our online training program is easy to understand and it can be taken as little or as much at a time that you want to invest 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is the next best thing to being here. Gain instant access to our training videos, presentations, diagrams, and more.  We even include arkansas laws in this so you get the same information as a normal class....its cheaper and easier than an Arkansas license.  Complete the course and mail your certificate of completion to our range to the Virginia State Police as addressed at the end of the course.  This Virginia class allows you to get a license without live fire and is good in Arkansas and over half the united states regardless of what state you live in!  I guarantee you this is what you need or Ill give you a free Arkansas onsite class if you would rather have that afterwards if you aren't completely satisfied.

Enhanced Carry Permit and Active Shooter class details are located on their separate pages located at the top of this page, these will be available in 2018!