Jonesboro and Paragould Arkansas Concealed Carry Courses!

We offer traditional onsite Arkansas Concealed Carry courses and ONLINE Concealed carry course, CCW.  We even offer Gift Certificates if your not sure when to do it!  There are some awesome information pages located at the menu bars in upper right hand of this page!


Onsite training

Come see why we have taught this class for over 11 years here in Northeast Arkansas.  These classes are held on Saturdays or Sundays.

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online 24/7 training

Don't have weekends free, want to train in the the convenience of your home, or maybe cant sit 6 hours straight through a class.  This is the perfect option for you.


CCW Renewals

Don't let your license expire!  We can re-certify you up to a year before you expire. Just come shoot and go over changes in the law in the last 5 years. 

Self-defense instruction and Arkansas Concealed Carry Certification is 141 Shooting Range's Owner Logan Lee's main objective.  Lots of people teach this class however why choose 141?   Mr. Lee (license #06-475) has been teaching this class since 2006 and has certified thousands of people in his concealed carry class and has taught self-defense for thousands of others in his four Lee's Karate locations across Northeast Arkansas including the Jonesboro and Pargould areas for over the last 20 years.  When it comes to protecting you and your family come to the self-defense expert in this area.  Learn from someone who thinks about self-defense 24/7 and travels across the country every year to learn from the top people in this field and bring it home to you.  If you are in Sharp or Izard County and would like Mr. Lee to travel to you please call us!  We are introducing our ONLINE concealed carry training with the convenience of taking a class on your schedule, not on your valuable weekends!  This is perfect for people who work on weekends, on call, people who work different shifts or simply for someone who cant commit over 6 hours at one time to do a class.